Again, thank you for booking and enjoy your stay. 

Before leaving please ensure the following:

  • the coffee pot is turned off
  • no candles are burning
  • the outside porch lights are on
  • all doors are locked


Have a question, issue, concern, need help - call or text the owner, Margaret 512.751.0648

Scroll down to read about the following:

  • Wifi
  • Temperature control
  • Power & breakers
  • Critters 
  • First Aid
  • Poolside
  • Campfire
  • Entertainment system
    • Roku
    • DVD
    • Music


  • Network: Fourteen_Ten
  • PW: shelton1410
  • A few notes about internet in the country:
    • Wifi download speed is good. Upload speed, not so good so know uploading large files or videos may take some time.
    • Sadly, stor ms can sometimes knock out the internet.


  • Be comfortable. The thermostat has a set program you can easily override by manually adjusting the thermostat to a more comfortable temperature. There are two thermostats, one by the master bedroom and a second upstairs at the end of the hall.
  • To adjust the temperature, tap the up arrow to make it warmer and the down arrow to make it cooler.
  • The program resets itself daily.


There is a breaker box in the master closet if something happens. High voltage equipment has occasional flipped a breaker.


This home uses well water, and it very hard water. This means it can sometimes taste or smell funky and it leaves hard water spots on just about every not hand dried.

  • Drinking water is provided, the water cooler located next the refrigerator dispensing cold and hot water.
  • We recommend cooking with water from the small filtered tap next to the faucet at the kitchen sink. (coffee, pasta).
  • Hard water spots on dishes are ugly but are harmless.
  • A self-contained waste management system, called a septic system, handles gray water, toilet flushes, and the garbage disposal – please be kind and put only organic matter into the system.
  • Further complicating things is contraption called a grinder. The grinder is very important to keeping the system functioning properly, and just as the name implies it chews up everything it encounters. The grinder is also picky and does not like like tampons, condoms, paper towels, food (especially meet and potato peels), fats and grease – you get the picture.


  1. If the grinder becomes clogged an alarm will sound. It is not a nice noise. The cut off switch is outside behind the garage.

  2. Toilets – no tampons, paper towels, condoms, food.

  3. Garbage disposal – all food and fat/grease should go in the garbage can. only A small amount of food from kitchen cleanup should go down the disposal.


You are likely to encounter a variety of creepy crawly critters during your stay. The property is treated regularly by ChemFree and most critters are harmless. However, please be careful, the red wasps are aggressive and we've seen scorpions in the rocks by the pool. Otherwise, you will be equally delighted and horrified by the bizarre assortment of bugs on this property.

Deer can get over the fence and might wander around, if startled they will freak out and nearly kill themselves trying to get away from you. Stay out of their way. Road runners run around on the upper slope as well as jackrabbits and towards the back of the property you might see a snake sunning on the road.

If any of mother natures friends end up in the pool, the net is by the pump.


A medical first aid kit is located in the kitchen pantry. Additional supplies are in the cabinet to the right of the laundry room sink along with allergy medicine and a variety of headache relief options.

If a wasp stings you rinse it with cold water and a little soap then apply Neosporin. Taking an allergy tablet might help. If you start swelling consider going to the doctor.


  • The most important thing is to use plastic ware poolside, not glass. Should there be an accident you’ll find a broom and dustpan in the laundry room.
  • Pool towels are in the laundry room.
  • Swim noodles are in the box next to the grill.
  • The propane tank for gas grill is in the off position. When using the grill simply turn the valve on, after use, please close the valve.
  • The Spa remote is to the left of the television. The remote operates the pool lights and spa heater. My husband left handwritten notes with instructions.

NOTE: the lamps by the pool are not working, sorry.


 Feel free to light a fire on a non-windy day. Camp chairs are in the box by the grill for extra seating. You’ll find marshmallows and long sticks in the pantry. Flashlights and a lighter are on the living room coffee table. 

NOTE: Please take the fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink, just in case.



To the right of the TV you will find a universal remote in a cradle you will use to control the stereo and television.  When not in use, simply place the remote in the cradle to charge.

The center of the remote has an oval area just below the display screen with an OK button in the center and arrows points up, down, right and left. 

The arrows are the navigation buttons to navigate on screen menus and the OK button is to confirm your choice, much like the enter key on your computer.


  • Netflix / via Roku
  • DVD, Blu-ray player is on the right
  • Stream Music via Airplay from your iPhone

The remote has these choices listed on the main screen, press the button on either side of the display that corresponds with your choice.

If the display on the remote isn’t showing these choices, press the activities button near the very top of the remote. 

You will need to more or less point the remote in the general direction of the TV and receiver.

Watch Netflix (or any streaming service you have a login for)

  • Get the remote
  • Point it at the TV from a few feet away, press the upper left button next to the display screen and the receiver and TV will activate and you might see the sleep screen for the ROKU player, pressing the right arrow should wake the Roku player and show you the main menu.
  • When you see the Roku menu you can switch to the Roku remote for easier navigation.
  • We have the system wired up to Netflix, but you can use any of the streaming apps in the menu if you have a login for them.
  • Using the right arrow, navigate to the Netflix icon and press the middle OK button on the remote.
  • Control volume by using the volume up or volume down buttons on the left side of the remote. The Stop, Play and Pause buttons work as you would expect while watching a movie on Netflix.

Watch a DVD

  • Get the remote
  • Point it at the TV from a few feet away, press the upper right button next to the display screen and the receiver and TV will activate and the DVD will on screen.
  • Use the remote “eject” button to open the DVD player, put the disk in, press the eject button again and you are in business.
  • Control volume by using the volume up or volume down buttons on the left side of the remote. The Stop, Play and Pause buttons work as you would expect from any DVD player.

Stream music from your iPhone and Airplay

  • Get the remote
  • Point it at the TV from a few feet away, press the second button on the right next to the display screen and the receiver and airstream device will activate.
  • You may need to wait for a few moments before you see an entry in your Airplay options for Onkyo DS-A5 281174.  Choose this device and start streaming.
  • Control volume by using the volume up or volume down buttons on the left side of the remote.  Use your phone to control the music.